Deserving of Worship

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Today’s Reading: Exodus 20:1-6

“Do not have other gods before me.”

Exodus 20:3

Reflection: The LORD teaches us to worship Him alone. In a relationship with God, there is no benefit engaging with other entities that distract our attention from Him. Just as He commanded this of the Israelites on Mt. Sinai, He speaks to us now. But we in our sin will often create gods for ourselves, welcoming distractions from God by finding amusement in objects of our own design.

If we are not careful, we begin to worship these created gods. They are gods we like because they have been created by our own hands. They are given the throne room of our heart and allowed to dictate our choices, our struggles, our dreams, our lifestyle, our time. Before we know it, we have abandoned God for our created gods, and we have subjected ourselves to serve these soulless masters that are calloused against our needs. These gods are unable to help us because they are simply extensions of ourselves. But the True and Living God, just as He did for the Israelites in Egypt, desires to set us free from bondage. He longs to show faithfulness and love to generations after generations of His people who show Him love in return.

Why should we worship God? Why should we obey His commands? We should worship God because He is our salvation. His deliverance of the Israelites foreshadowed a far greater work that He would accomplish through Jesus. This work would be for us. God’s complete deliverance frees us from the chains by which we, in our sin and rebellion, enslave ourselves. We are freed here and now when we trust in God and His salvation, and when we choose to follow His ways.

Because the LORD, the True and Living God, sets us free, He is deserving of our worship and praise.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, You are holy. You are the True and Living God. Thank You for Your Salvation, and for imparting to me Your ways which are right and just. By Your goodness and grace, Lord, turn me away from those things that seek to take my attention away from You. Help me to glorify You and You alone, for You are the only One deserving of my praise and worship. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Matthew 1; Exodus 20:1-21:36; Proverbs 9

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